How to Make Seafood Boil

easy seafood recipe

A seafood boil is a popular culinary tradition that typically includes a variety of seafood, along with other ingredients such as vegetables and spices. Learn how to make seafood boil at home 👉


– Corn on the cob – Potatoes – Sausage – Boiled Eggs – Shrimp – Crab *all ingredients listed below

Classic Boil

Boil a large pot of water with seafood, vegetables, and spices added in layers. The seafood and vegetables are added in order of how long they take to cook, with the seafood added towards the end to avoid overcooking.

Slow Cooker Boil

You can make it in a Crockpot slow cooker by layering the ingredients and cooking on low for several hours.

How to Serve

Using a large colander or strainer, drain to remove the cooking liquid. Transfer to a large serving dish.

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