LUMP CRAB MEAT -  what is it, how to use it

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Lump crab meat is a type of crab meat that comes from the body of the crab. It is considered to be the highest quality & most desirable type of crab meat due to its large, meaty chunks & sweet, delicate flavor.

If you are a fan of Maryland jumbo lump crab cakes, you will love this recipe! Freeze these for later & reheat them easily from frozen.

Air Fryer Crab Cakes

This Easy Creamy Crab Bisque recipe is rich & indulgent making it perfect for special occasions & nights in.

Creamy Crab Brisque

This Crab quiche combines a flaky pastry pie crust with a rich & creamy filling made from eggs, cream, crab meat & vegetables.

Crab Quiche

This Lump Crab Salad is made with real jumbo crab meat & can be served as a light lunch or dinner, on a bed of mixed greens, or on sandwiches.

Lump Crab Salad

This Easy Crab Risotto is made using jumbo lump crab seasoned with Old Bay & served with creamy rice.

Crab Risotto