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Ready to throw the ultimate seafood feast? This fun &  festive shrimp boil party is perfect for bringing together family & friends for a delicious &  unforgettable meal.👉

Plan ahead by creating a guest list, purchasing all the necessary ingredients & supplies ahead of time.

Plan Ahead

Choose a location that can handle spills & splatters. Consider setting up tables & chairs outside or in a garage or covered patio.

Choose the Right Location

To ensure that everything is cooked to perfection, cook in batches. Seafood is always cooked last because it cooks so quickly!

Cook in Batches

Once everything is cooked, dump it all out onto a large table lined with newspaper or butcher paper.

Serve it up Family-Style

Shrimp boils are typically served with ice-cold beer, cocktails & non-alcoholic drinks.

Provide Plenty of Drinks

Boil parties are meant to be fun & festive, so don’t stress too much about everything being perfect!

Have Fun

Enjoy the Ultimate Feast!