Crawfish Boil Party Guide

If you’re looking to throw a fun and festive gathering with a taste of the South, why not host a crawfish party?👉

Plan Ahead

Plan your party at least a few weeks in advance to give yourself time to gather all the necessary equipment & ingredients.

Gather your Equipment

You will need a large pot, a strainer or basket & a stirring paddle. Invest in a large table or some large plastic bags to serve the crawfish in.

Buy your Crawfish

Purchase fresh, live crawfish from a reputable seafood market or online retailer. You can also use frozen crawfish if preferred.

Prepare your Seasoning

Our Crawfish Boil Sauce is a classic choice for a crawfish boil. You can also use store-bought boil seasonings.

Prepare Sides & Cook Crawfish

Along with the crawfish, you may want to serve sides like corn on the cob, potatoes & andouille sausage.

Serve & Enjoy

Strain the crawfish & sides from the pot & transfer them to a large table or plastic bags. I love to line the table with newspaper for easy cleanup.

Clean Up

Boil parties can be messy, so be prepared to clean up thoroughly afterward.

serve & enjoy!

serve & enjoy!